Monday 4 June 2012

I'm making a long story about my grandfather, Arsène Schrauwen.
I'm self-publishing it in three parts.
This is the first part
I'm out of copies for the moment, but I'll print some more together with the second part.


jon juarez said...

I am a faithful follower of your work OLLIE

jeroen said...

ja hoor!
Waar haal je al de tijd vandaan om al die boekies te maken de hele tijd?!
Het ziet er weer te gek uit!


vollsticks said...

Wait, you're GIVING these away?!?

walt dohrn said...

Wow,!how can I buy this here beauty.?

Anton Setola said...

I got one.
(Just send a mail to
And i highly recommend it!

Anonymous said...

Better get those new editions stapled quick! I want to read it!!! I heard about it here:

Shannon said...

Whoa! Got any more?